Linnea Toney Leeming is an abstract expressionist painter of predominately large format, very colorful contemporary abstract paintings.



Linnea Toney Leeming’s parents were both artists who provided their young child with vast resources of multi media materials, which shaped the foundation of her unlimited creativity. Her father built her first real studio while in her pre-teen years allowing her the freedom to express herself at an early age. More support came from her first mentor, John DeMelim, Chair of the Art Department of RIC, a family friend, who encouraged her towards a career in the arts.

Linnea’s art has always been about her exploration of new experiences, the visual excitement of new areas, new colors, and new attitudes. While in college she hitchhiked across the country and back with friends, and after receiving her BFA she made further travels to Europe studying art and architecture, which culminated in a large body of work. This was exhibited at Hera, a Women’s Cooperative Gallery of which she was among the first members and that still exists today.

Becoming a photographer and prop stylist helped fulfill a need to experience new and exciting adventures, and she eventually married an advertising photographer. As well as having a long, happy and supportive marriage, this also gave her the opportunity to see and share new ideas from creative people from places like Paris, Montreal, Chicago, and New York and even Pacific Rim countries like Japan and Taiwan.

All the while Linnea continued her own personal art studying at length with Mary Ann Santos, professor of art at NYU’s MFA program and Victor Lara, professor of art at RISD. Eventually she abandoned prop styling altogether to become a full time artist, allowing time to travel the country absorbing the art and culture of America and Europe as well as attending residencies with other known abstract painters. She became passionate about teaching other adults her many skills in both oil and acrylic and still conducts classes today.

Linnea’s vibrant and energetic abstract paintings can be seen in many galleries and collections both here and abroad.